You’ve probably had the idea to post your content on someone’s site that might have more authority than you or vice versa. You want to eventually increase your reach, so it could be worth your while to post some of your content on a site that you might not own (with their permission of course). Many people think that if they allow other people to post on their site and link to their individual websites as compensation, they’ll lose some SEO juice with those outbound links. While it’s not as bad as all that, you do need to be careful how you go about the whole process of guest blogging.

How to Guest Blog for SEO

In this example, we will assume that you’re a business looking to outsource some of the blogging responsibility to experts.

When you’re going through the vetting process, it’s good to start by looking at their popularity and niche. When you look at a guest blogger, do they cover the same topics as you? Do they rank well when you search for them and their niche? They should be performing pretty on the key search terms you’re looking for.

Let’s use some examples to get you started:

Let’s say you sell jewelry on your website and you’re looking for an expert to post a blog for you. You need someone who is already a powerhouse in the jewelry blogger niche.

The first actual website that shows up for the search term “Jewelry Blogger” is the one highlighted above, Gem Gossip. This is a pretty way to find authority figures for your niche to reach out to. We can’t guarantee they will say yes, but typically they will if they like your product and you compensate them for their time.

After you’ve done the hard work of going through the top bloggers for your niche and finding one that likes your stuff and is willing to write a blog for you, you need to SEO your page as best you can so you can give that juicy link they usually crave.

SEO and Blog Posts

Here’s where some opinions differ. In general, as long as your links are relevant, then you shouldn’t have a problem. In the example with the jewelry store and Gem Gossip, if you link to her site, Google will see that you’re a jewelry store linking to a jewelry blogger. Furthermore, the blogger is an authority figure and generates a high amount of traffic. The search engine will look at this link and essentially deem it good instead of bad.

An example of bad outbound links is when you have a site that consistently sends links to whoever will pay them money, like many directories out there looking to profit.


If you take the time to genuinely find experts in your niche to write guest blogs for you then you should be in good shape. If you ever need help creating a blog for your website or getting started with expert SEO, then call the team at Vissina today.

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