Social media management is the perfect tool for businesses to engage with your audience. Through platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Snapchat, Pinterest, and more, you can start to grow your brand. When companies start out, the first issue is creating a solid budget. After overhead costs, there’s not much room for marketing. However, social media gives small and new businesses the opportunity to have their voices heard.

However, after starting your business and generating a steady income, you might find maintaining your social media accounts is too time-consuming.

Don’t worry. Vissina has all the tools needed to give your business the voice it deserves.

Why is Social Media Management so Important?

The purpose of a social media campaign is to build your brand. Many think it’s a way to get conversions, but that’s the wrong mentality. While conversions may be a side-effect of a solid social media strategy, your goal should be building an audience. Whether you’re working on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, Snapchat, Tumblr, or all of them. When you create a video or a new article, then you can share it with all your followers. The more people that follow you, the more they hear about your brand, the more likely a conversion is to take place. It’s simple. 

People tend to think it’s about creating the next viral video, but that’s not true. You want people that love your brand for what it is. It takes a lot of work to find them, but it’s worth it. Relevance is the key here. When you speak with the voice of your business and post things in-tune with that voice, you will find those lifetime customers. The worst thing you can do is post irrelevant things on your social media accounts. You might get a  lot of likes and followers at first, but they will lose interest over time, harming your reputation. 

Growing Vs. Building

It’s easy to grow a following on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, or any other social media platform. We have tools to help us do that. The issue is finding the right followers and actively engaging with them. That’s what it means to build a strong social presence that will last.

One study showed “46% of people who tweeted at a company expected a response within one hour and 39% expected a response within 30 minutes.”

Social media management is a full-time job and its necessary to grow a new or small business. However, not everyone has the money to invest in a social media specialist for in-house purposes. It can also be hard to justify hiring an employee for the sole purpose of branding. That’s why Vissina offers a comprehensive online marketing strategy with social media management included. We can create sharp posts, videos, and articles and then schedule them at the perfect times for your business. You get great posts with immediate responses

social media management

Vissina’s Social Media Management Strategy

The first step to any social media platform is to create a strong account. We check off all the boxes, including business location, hours of operation, and a moving About statement that gets people interested. 

Next, we take a deep look at your competition and analyze what makes their social media strategies so successful and incorporate those elements into our own plan. From there, we decide on what kind of posts work best for your business and how frequently they should be posted. 

Next, we craft a budget. Social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and even Pinterest have their own ad programs. If you want to build a following quickly, we suggest creating a budget to grow your audience from the ground up. We create effective social media campaigns that get you the most bang for your buck. 

Once you have a firm system in place, it’s time to look for influencers. Influencers are people that have a large following in your niche that could speak to the quality of your brand. By reaching out to these people, you can drastically improve the quality and legitimacy of your accounts.   

Finally, we collect data over time to continue to improve your audience growth. We analyze what posts are working to perfect the system. 

Consistent Social Media 

It’s hard to be seen in a sea of modern-day sensationalism. Between the terrible Buzzfeed article and the hilarious cat videos, it can seem daunting to produce content for a business that will garner the same attention.

Again, the perspective should not be on the random, but on your target audience. We craft content that is optimized to find the people that love what you do. No need for smoke and mirrors. If you have a product or service that people like, our social media management service will find them and put them in one place. It’s just that simple. 

People love when a website is consistant.

You don’t follow a comedy YouTube star because they occasionally make profound dramas. You go in and expect a laugh. Once you build a large audience from your core values, you should continue to make posts with a consistent voice and tone. 


In the end, we want to accomplish these things for your social media account to make it successful. 

• Create powerful and relevant posts on a consistent basis
• Develop a voice that embodies the spirit of your business
• Actively engage with your audience as quickly as they reply
• Engage with influencers that can grow your page quickly and effectively
• Use your social media as a way to grow your brand

After the initial steps are taken, we want to get you to the stage where you can start creating stunning social campaigns that get followers and conversions. This is a process that takes time and patience. We try to get the right followers for your company. It’s more than just a numbers game to us. 

With years of social media management experience, we’ve learned that the key to good performance is structure and data analysis. We are always adapting our strategies to build, change, and improve the strategy. If something isn’t working, we know immediately and we can change it. Our team knows what it takes to succeed in social media and we want to help your business do the same.

If you want to grow a social media platform on Facebook, Twitter, Reddit, LinkedIn, Google+, Pinterest, or YouTube, then contact the experts at Vissina for more information.